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Content Manager - Scheduling Instructor Led Training
Content Manager - Scheduling Instructor Led Training

Instructor Led Training includes both in-person training and webinar sessions. The process of creating both types is covered in this article

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Note: This feature will be deprecated by the end of 2023 and will be fully replaced by the Roles & Permissions feature.

To get started creating Instructor-Led Training (ILT), you'll want to have a course created first β€” there doesn't need to be any content, just an empty course is fine.

Next, click on the Add Course Content button and select the option you need under the Instructor Led heading.

Next, give the ILT a name and choose the webinar service you want to use, if applicable, and click Proceed to Adding Timeslots. If your service is not listed, select Other (Any link) at the bottom.

On the next screen, click the Add Timeslot button to add your first one. Timeslots are the different sessions that a Learner can choose from for this particular ILT.

If a user attends any timeslot, the ILT will be considered as completed β€” users do not have to attend all of the timeslots. If a Learner needs to attend multiple sessions, you will need to create multiple ILTs, each with their own available timeslots.

On the timeslot creation page, fill in the fields.

Capacity: The maximum number of users that can sign up for the timeslot. Once this number is reached, the timeslot will become unavailable unless a registrant withdraws or chooses a different timeslot.

Webinar Link/Location: Only visible if you selected the Other (Any link) option, enter the URL that your webinar will be hosted at.

Attendance Key: This is a password that Learners can enter to mark themselves as having attended the session. If you do not choose one now, a random one will be generated. You are not required to provide this to your Learners as Admins and Managers can manually mark attendance β€” this is only used if you want your Learners to be able to do that themselves.

Add Timeslot: Click this button to add an additional timeslot that your Learners can choose from. You can add as many timeslots as you want, but Learners will only need to attend one.

Once you're done, click the final Add Timeslots button at the bottom of your screen to add the ILT to your course.

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