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Course Creation
Course Creation
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Adding Material and Assessments

To create a course, click on Training, then on Courses. Click on the Create Course button, name the course and give it a description, then click on the final Create Course button.

The Course Content tab allows you to manage the Material and Assessments in the course.

To add content, click on the Add Course Content button.

By clicking on the Add Existing option below Materials, Assessments, or Checklists, you'll be able to add content that you've previously imported into SkyPrep.

If you haven't added your content to the platform yet, you can use the Create options to do so โ€” just make sure you select the correct option based on what you're trying to add.

You can also use the drag-and-drop area at the bottom of the page to upload files.

Added material will appeared at the bottom of the list of modules.

If you want to change the order of the content, click and drag the six dots that appear on the left after hovering your mouse over a module.

General Settings

Clicking on General Settings will allow you to edit course-specific settings.

For most settings, the platform will have descriptions that explain what they affect. The most important ones are covered below.

Course Active: This setting determines whether it is visible to Learners. If it is turned off, the course will be hidden. This allows you to deprecate old content while still maintaining your course records.

Course Certificate: If you want your course to award learners with a certificate of completion at the end, enable this option. If you have uploaded a custom certificate, you will have the option to choose which one you want to award.

Certificate Validity Length: This feature will re-enrol learners into the course after the specified amount of time has elapsed. This is used for scheduling recurring training, such as compliance or safety courses.

Early Re-Enrollment Window: To prevent certificates elapsing, you can use this setting to re-enrol learners into the course early. For example, learners will be re-enrolled into the course two weeks before their Validity Length expires if you enter 14.

Course End/Start Date: These determine when learners can first access the content and when the course is due.

Course Length in Days: Similar to Course Start Date. If both are enabled at the same time, the Start Date will take precedence.

Enrollable From a Web Link: This setting will enable a link that users can access to enrol themselves in the course. You will be asked to choose a Subscribe Key. This is the password that users will have to enter in order to successfully register. If you want to have the key pre-filled, simply append &key=mykey to the end of the URL and replace mykey with your chosen Subscribe Key.

New Learner UI Settings

This tab will let you choose how the course is displayed to your Learners.

This is the Full Width Banner:

This is the Split Width Banner:

Enabling the Discussion Board will turn on an area where learners and admins can post messages. This is course-specific and will be visible to all enrolled learners.

Recommended Resource Center Articles allows you to attach content from within your Resource Center folder to this course. This allows you to suggest supplementary content or additional readings to your courses.

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