Gamification uses points and leaderboards to increase learner engagement. This article explains both the initial setup and leaderboards.

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To start using Gamification, click on Dashboard, then on Gamification.

On the next page, ensure that Enable Gamification is checked on.

All users can view a Leaderboard that shows everyone's ranking based on the number of points earned. Restricting leaner leaderboard visibility prevents Learners from being able to see people outside of their groups on the Leaderboard.

The text fields are used to determine how many points each action is worth. Make sure to save your changes when finished.

You can also click on the badges to change the icon, name, and number of points required to earn it.

Once users have started to collect points, you can view their progress by clicking on View Leaderboard.

The dropdown menus let you tailor this page to show specific groups and/or a certain time period, while clicking on See Full Leaderboard will display all users.

Clicking on See Points History will show a list of all actions that resulted in points being earned.

Gamification on the Learner Interface

When a Learner logs in, the number points they have accumulated will be displayed in the upper-right. Clicking on the number will display a widget that shows their recently earned badges, as well as a button to take them to their personal achievement dashboard that displays their current ranking and badge progress.

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