We support maximum login attempts, automatic logout periods, password expiry intervals, and administrator action logs.

To access any one of these features, just click on Security & Compliance under Home.

Limit Login Attempts

The Maximum Login Attempts field lets you specify how many times a user can enter an incorrect password before their account is temporarily disabled.

When the limit has been reached, they will receive a message stating that they have been locked out and they will need to contact a platform administrator to regain access.

To give a suspended user access, just click on View Suspended Accounts. This will bring up a window that lists all of the suspended users. Just click on the ones you want to restore, then click on Reactivate Accounts.

Automatic Logout

This feature allows you to set the number of minutes that can elapse before a user is logged out for inactivity.

After the specified amount of time has elapsed without any activity from the user, this warning message will be displayed.

If the Continue button is not pressed, the user will be logged out five (5) minutes after the message appears.

Password Expiry

By setting up the Password Expiry Interval, you can choose how long a password is valid for.

Once the valid duration has elapsed, the user will be forced to change their password on their next log-in.

Administrator Logs

Lastly, if you require an audit trail, you can use the Administrator Logs button in the upper-right.

You will then be able to choose the date range that you want to pull logs for -- just keep in mind that a large date range will take longer to generate than a small one.

Once you click Submit, the log will be generated in the background and emailed over to you once it has been completed.

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