The Skills Tracking suite contains two portions, Skills and Competencies, and when used together, they allow you to easily track what your Learners are proficient in. Skills are what learners are awarded points in after successfully completing specific assessments, checklists, courses, or learning paths. These points are then used to determine what they’re competent in.

To get started, click on Performance Tracking, then on Skills & Competencies.

To add a skill, click on the New Skill button in the Skills tab.

Give it a name and description, then save your changes.

Once a skill has been created, you can hover over it in the Skills list to edit its name and description, or view a summary of its information. Clicking on the trash icon will delete the skill.

Once you’ve finished creating your skills, click on Competencies, then on the New Competency button.

After giving it a name and description, click on Add Skills.

You’ll be shown a list of all of the skills you added. In the list, use the checkboxes to select the ones that should count towards this competency, then set the number of points required. A user will need to meet the point threshold in all of the selected skills in order to earn it. Once finished, click on Create Competency to save your changes.

Now all that’s left is to assign Skills to your assessments, checklists, courses, and learning paths. We’ll be using a Course as an example, but the feature functions the same way for all of the other elements and will be found in the respective Settings tabs.

After clicking on the course you want to add skills to, click on General Settings and scroll down until you see the Skills Acquired area. Click on the Manage Skills button.

You’ll be able to use the checkboxes to specify which skills are earned, as well as the number of points that will be awarded for each of them. Once you’re finished, click on Save Skills.

If you want to run a report, click on Reporting in the feature’s main area and select whether you want to run a report on Skills or Competencies.

Regardless of which you choose, you’ll have to select which items you want to run the report on. If you want to tailor your report to show only Skills or Competencies earned in a certain date range or by certain user groups, you can use the filters on the right to narrow your results. Once satisfied with your settings, just click on Download Report at the bottom of the screen.

This covers all you’ll need to get started with the Skills & Competencies feature, available on our newest Premium plan. If you have any additional questions, you can access our FAQ using the button in the bottom right corner of your screen or contact your account manager.

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