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Uploading Material
Uploading Material

This article explains how to add material to your platform and also contains a video for easy reference.

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Material is any content you add to your platform, such as videos, PowerPoints presentations, and SCORM packages. These form the backbone of most courses and can be uploaded to your platform through the Materials section.

To begin adding items, click on Training Elements on the top of the page and click on Materials. Click the Add Material button on the upper-right corner of the page to open the uploader.

You can also Drag and Drop your files from your desktop onto the page and upload it that way.

The Single File option allows you to add files one at a time.

Click Select File to open the uploader. You will also be able to add content directly from online services such as Dropbox or Google Drive with this button.

Multiple Files is similar to Single File but allows you to add multiple files at the same time.

Content Builder will let you access our built-in material creation tool. To use the feature, click on the Launch Content Builder button and drag-and-drop the tiles on the right into the page on the left.

Youtube and Vimeo allow you to add videos from the respective platforms. All you'll need is the URL from your browser β€” no need for any fancy embed codes.

If you want to add content from a website, use Embed Link. Only websites starting with https:// are supported β€” http:// sites are not permitted.

After entering the URL, you can enable the Should this Link be Embedded? option to have the website displayed in your platform. If you do not see this option, click outside of the text field after entering the URL.

The Rich HTML option is a basic text creation tool with the ability to also create content using HTML code.

SCORM Package and AICC are specific to each format. If you have any SCORM or AICC content, it must be uploaded using the correct option β€” using drag-and-drop or the Single/Multiple File options will not work.

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