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Adding Users
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There are several ways to add users in SkyPrep.

The first method is used to add individual users. Click on Users and Groups, then on Add User in the upper-right.

Fill in the form and click on Create User. A welcome email will automatically be sent out.

The second method uses a CSV file to upload multiple users at once.

Click on the Bulk User Management button.

Download the Upload template using the CSV Bulk Upload Template button.

To upload users, you will need to fill in the form following the guide below:

Important: The first three columns: first_name, last_name, and email are mandatory. The user will not be added unless these columns are filled in.

You can remove the sample data, but please do NOT change or remove the headers (e.g. first_name, role, email_notifications).

Email Notifications - Yes/No: Determines whether a user will have Email Notifications turned on. Email notifications do not include the user's login information - they must be turned on separately.

Send Login Info - Yes/No: Emails the login credentials (username and password) to the user. If you do not enable Send Login Info, your user will not receive their login credentials and you will have to manually notify them. Enabling this option will automatically generate a password for the user.

Everything else is optional:

  • role: Determines the user's role. Enter either: admin, learner, content_manager, or manager. Leaving it blank will default to learner.

  • company: Determines what is displayed in the Company field in a user's profile.

  • password: Enter a password for the user's account. If left blank, a password will be randomly generated. Password must be eight (8) characters or more - if you see an error saying "p a ()", this means that a user's password did not meet the length requirement.

  • title: Determines what is displayed in the Title field in a user's profile.

  • cell: Determines what is displayed in the Cell section in a user's profile.

  • work_number: Determines what is displayed in the Work Number section in a user's profile.

  • user_identifier: Determines what is displayed in the User Identifier section in a user's profile.

  • groups: Immediately enroll users into a group. Separate multiple groups with a semicolon (;). For example, group1; group 2; group 3

  • learning_paths: The same as groups, but for Learning Paths.

  • courses: This option isn't there by default, but adding courses as a new tab will function the same as groups, but for Courses.

  • language: Use language codes to set the platform language of the user. For example, use en for English, de for German, and es for Spanish.

If you want to add information for fields that aren't included, take their Default Value from the Custom Labels tab of the Customization area. You will need to remove the parenthesis and replace capitals with lowercase letters, and spaces with underscores (_).

For example, you would add ca_0 if you want to include information in your users' (Ca_0) field.

Once that's done, save the document. Go back to the Bulk User Upload page and click Choose File. Select the file you just finished and click Upload Users.

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