Enabling Custom Notifications

To access them, click Home and Customization. Navigate to Email Templates and you’ll be able to enable and disable the notifications that your learners and admins will receive.


Users must have Email Notifications enabled in order to receive any emails sent from your platform. To turn them on, click on People then on Users, and click the edit button beside their name.


Check the box next to Email Notifications.


If you need to enable them for many users, you can always use the Bulk Update feature and put "true" in email_notifications column.

Customizing Notifications

To customize them, simply click on the name of the email and the editor will appear. The Placeholders shown on the left can be inserted into the email template and they will automatically be filled with the relevant information when they’re sent. For example, [FIRST_NAME] will be replaced with the learner’s first name when the email is sent.


You can customize everything, whether it is editing the default content, or editing the formatting using the toolbar found above the editor.

Using the editor, you can use the < > button to enter any HTML content that you may have. Once you are done, hit the Save Template button on the bottom. If you want to preview the email before you set it live, you can click the green Envelope button on the top right to send a test email to yourself.

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