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Submitting Support Requests
Submitting Support Requests

In order to ensure we are able to provide you with the best support possible, there are several things we ask for when you submit a ticket.

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1) A fullscreen screenshot that shows the entire platform including the URL of the page you're on, as shown below.

2) A description that includes the steps you took to create the issue, as well as the names of relevant items. For example, if you are trying to add a user to a course and it's not working, let us know which method of course enrolment you're using (through the course's Users & Groups tab, through the course bulk update CSV, through the API, etc.), the name of the course you're trying to add them to, as well as the name and emails of some of the users you're trying to add.

3) Any other relevant files, such as the CSV file if you require support uploading a Bulk Upload template, or the SCORM package ZIP file if you need support for SCORM content.

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