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To start using Gamification, click on Dashboard, then on Gamification.

On the next page, ensure that Enable Gamification is checked on.

The text fields are used to determine how many points each action is worth, and you can hover your mouse over the ? icon to learn more about them.

Once you've entered the point values, click on the first badge.

On the panel that pops up, you can change the Badge Image, the Badge Name, and how many Points it requires before it can be earned. Click Update Settings and continue for the rest of the badges. Once finished, click Update Gamification Settings on the bottom of the main page.

Gamification on the Learner Interface

When a Learner logs in, the number points they have accumulated will be displayed in the upper-right. Clicking on the number will display a widget that shows their recently earned badges, as well as a button to take them to their personal achievement dashboard that displays their current ranking and badge progress.

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