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Grading a Checklist
Grading a Checklist
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There are two ways to start the grading process, both of which are detailed below.

Option 1:

On your Dashboard, click on Checklists for Review in your Action Required area and click on the number under Checklists for Review.

Option 2:

In the Training Elements section, click on Checklists, followed by the User(s) button under the Requires Grading column.

Next, click on the user whose checklist you want to grade.

On the next page, click on the radio buttons to select the answer and use the text fields to add any applicable notes.

Once you've graded all of the tasks and subtasks, you can set whether the checklist was passed or failed. Alternatively, you can mark the checklist as completed without specifying a pass or fail. Lastly, you can leave overall feedback for the checklist at the bottom. Once done, click on Finished Grading to submit the final results, or click on Save to save the current settings without submitting them.

After clicking on Finished Grading, you will be prompted to confirm that what you have submitted is correct. If they are correct, check the box and click Sign and Submit.

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