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Managing Instructor-Led Training Sessions
Managing Instructor-Led Training Sessions
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Once you've created an ILT, you can manage it by clicking on Training Elements, then on Instructor-Led Training. In the dropdown to the left, select the course that you want to manage.

Note: You can click View Upcoming ILTs on the right to see all ILTs that are scheduled for the next 14 days.

You have several options on the next page, shown here. If you do not see all of the buttons, you can either scroll over, or click on the table and use your arrow keys to move.

  • +Add Time Slot: Click this to add additional timeslots that Learners can register for.

  • Edit (text): This is used to edit the general ILT information, such as the name and the description.

  • Edit (icon): Lets you change the timeslot-specific details, such as the time, instructor, and attendance key.

  • Play: Only visible for webinars. This button will launch the webinar session using the service you selected during its creation. If you selected the Other (Any link) option, this will open the URL that you specified in the Webinar Link/Location field.

  • Duplicate: Creates a copy of the timeslot.

  • Capacity: Opens the attendance and registration panel shown below.

Using the Register dropdown in the upper-left, you can register learners for the selected timeslot. You will only be able to choose from learners that are currently enrolled in the course.

The Bulk Attendance dropdown in the upper-right can be used to set the attendance status of all registrants at once.

The Status dropdown lets you mark attendance by choosing between Pending, Absent, or Attended.

Unregister will remove a user's registration from the timeslot, but will not prevent them from being able to register again.

The Attendance Key, found at the top, can be provided to the attendees during the session. If entered, the learner will have their status set to Attended.

Learner View:

If the session is a webinar, the Launch button will take the learner to the webinar meeting room.

The Attendance Key field will only show up after the Start Time has passed.

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