Basic Reporting

If you want to quickly generate a report that doesn't require much customization, the Basic Reporting feature is what you should use.

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Reporting is a very robust feature that allows you to track multiple parameters about your users and courses. It provides you with information about progress in a course, course history, summary of assessment scores, time spent on each course, as well as time spent per course module. You can further specify specific parameters and areas of focus to suit your needs using the report builder.

To begin, click on Reporting then on Report Builder. From there, you can use the drop down menus to specify exactly what kind of report you want to run.

Once you've completed all of the steps, you can preview the report within the platform, favorite it, download the file, or if you're on a supported plan, schedule them for email delivery.

When you Favorite a report, you will be able to view the report at a later time, as well as Regenerate the report to run the same parameters with current information.

To access your favorite reports, simply click on Favorite Reports under Reporting and click on the one that you want to download.

If you want to run a report that is laid out graphically instead of in a spreadsheet, please see this article.

NOTE: Assessment reports will contain information for all users that have ever attempted the assessment, even if they are no longer enrolled in the course. If you wish to remove their information, you will need to either delete their assessment attempts or delete the user altogether.

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