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Using Knowledge Checks
Using Knowledge Checks

Knowledge Checks are pop-up questions that can be displayed when a user is viewing content. This article covers the setup process.

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To use the Knowledge Check feature, first click on Training Elements, then Materials, then on the piece of content you want to add the Knowledge Check to.

Next, click on the Knowledge Check and use the Launch Knowledge Check Builder button.

To start building your Knowledge Check, click on the Add Knowledge Check button.

If your content is a document, you will be asked to enter the page number that the Check will be added to.

If your content is a video, you have to enter the time at which the check will appear.

Next, click on the Add Question button.

Enter your question and set the response type.

If Multiple Choice was chosen, you will need to enter the answer options. Click on the Add Option button to add an additional choice, the Trash icon to remove a choice, and use the Checkbox to designate the correct answer(s).

If you chose True or False, check the checkbox if the correct answer is true or if the answer is false.

Lastly, if you chose Fill in the Blank, enter the correct phrase in the text box. If there are multiple acceptable answers, separate them with a comma. For example: ten, 10

Once finished, click on Save Question.

You can continue adding additional questions to the same page/time trigger by clicking on the Add Question button.

Clicking on the Cog will allow you to modify the page/time, as well as choose the question pop-up style. You can choose between the Banner style that overlays the question on top of the content, or the Non-intrusive style that has the question pop ip in a corner without obstructing the content itself.

To add another Knowledge Check on a different page or at a different time, you can click on All Triggers and click on the Add Another Trigger button on the bottom of the panel. Alternatively, you can use the arrow in the upper-right to minimize the panel and click on the original Add Knowledge Check button.

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