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Adding LinkedIn Learning Content
Adding LinkedIn Learning Content
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AICC Packages

LinkedIn Learning supports the AICC standard. You can download all LinkedIn Learning courses and learning paths as AICC packages, ready to be added to SkyPrep.

AICC packages contain course metadata (course title, author, description, etc.) in a .zip file and can be downloaded in bulk for the entire LinkedIn Learning library, or by individual course. You can then upload these packages into SkyPrep.

Technical Requirements

Registration/authentication configuration - AICC is an LMS integration standard. It is not an authentication standard; in order to view LinkedIn Learning content, your users need to log into LinkedIn Learning. This can be done using local credentials (username/password), or Single Sign-On (SAML 2.0).

iFrame content - LinkedIn Learning allows only course packages to be "iFramed" in an LMS. To iFrame LinkedIn Learning courses, ask your learners to disable Content tracking in their browsers. You cannot view learning paths in iFrames.

Enable the AICC Integration

1. After you log in, if you are not already in the Admin screen, select Go to Admin, then click Me > Integrate.

2. From the side navigation menu, select Add content to your LMS via AICC.

3. Open the Configure AICC panel.

4. Under Hostname(s), enter your SkyPrep URL (for example, Do NOT include https://

5. Set the AICC Integration toggle to "Enabled".

Downloading Course Packages

To download course packages, choose one of the two following procedures:

Option 1 – Download Course Packages for the Entire Library

1. In the Integrate interface, open the Download AICC Packages panel.

2. Select your language and library preference.

3. Click Download package to begin the file download.

4. On subsequent visits to this setting, you're given the option to download AICC packages for all new courses offered since the last download.

Option 2 – Download Individual Course Packages

1. Once you’ve set the AICC Integration toggle to "Enabled", navigate to the Content tab in the menu bar and select "Library".

2. Select a course, collection, or learning path in your library.

3. At the top right-hand side of the course page, click More, and select Download AICC Package. A zipped version of an AICC package downloads to your computer. You can then upload this package to your SkyPrep platform.

4. You can add the content to a learning path or collection by clicking + Add in the top right-hand corner of your library page.

Downloading Video Packages

To download video packages from LinkedIn Learning to upload to SkyPrep, take the following steps:

1. Log in as an Admin and search for a course, collection, or learning path that contains video content you want your learners to consume.

2. In the Contents pane, click the More Options ("...") icon next to the video you would like to download and select "Download AICC Package". This action downloads the selected individual video. (A zipped version of an AICC package downloads to your computer.) You then can upload this package to SkyPrep.

Uploading AICC Packages to SkyPrep

Once you have downloaded the packages you want to use, follow the steps in this article.

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