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Knowledge Check Settings
Knowledge Check Settings
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To access the advanced module settings, click on Add Knowledge Check to create your first trigger. If you already have one created, click the Edit Settings & Questions button.

If you're creating a new one, you'll need to set when it triggers by entering either the page/slide number or a time.

After the trigger is created, you can use one of the following buttons to access additional settings:

Add Voice Over

To add a voice over, click the Add Recording button.

On the following page, you can toggle between using your microphone to record a voice over or uploading one.`

Click Upload once done.

You can Replace, Delete, and preview the voice over once it's been upload. Make sure you click Save once you're done.

Edit Page Rules

The Page Rules panel allows you to set different behavior for your content.

Note: If using with a PowerPoint file, we recommend using presentations with no embedded behavior such as automatic slide transitions.

Block this page completely: Turning this on will prevent the slide or page from showing. This will automatically prevent the other settings from taking effect.

Mandatory page completion: The slide or page will need to be viewed in order for the module to be marked as completed. This takes the minimum viewing time into account.

Minimum viewing time: Users will need to spend the specified number of seconds viewing the page or slide before completion credit is given.

Automatically advance page after: The page or slide will automatically transition to the next after the specified amount of seconds.


This page allows you to change settings for the overall page. Prevent question skipping hides the Skip option while the Questions must be correctly answered option will prevent users from proceeding until a correct response is recorded, but only works if the Banner Pop-up Type is selected.

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