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Advanced Reporting

Advanced Reports let you modify the columns shown and lets you use filters to apply conditional logic to tailor the results for your needs.

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To get started with Advanced Reporting, click on just click on Advanced Reports under Reporting.

To run large, general reports, like an All User, All Courses, or All Assessments report, use the buttons in section 1.

Section 2 allows you to generate a more specific report, perfect for a starting point for your first custom report.

Section 3 contains some pre-built reports that you can run with one click.

Regardless of which option you choose, you will be taken to this page. If you want to generate the report as-is, just click on Generate Report. However, Advanced Reporting allows you to tailor the final report to suit your requirements. To tailor the report, you will want to click on both Edit Columns and Add Filter.

The Edit Columns button will allow you to choose what columns are visible in the final report. You can use the None or All buttons to (de)select all checkboxes.

By clicking Add Filter, you can specify the rules that determine how the report narrows down the information that it provides.

Once you choose the main criteria for the filter, you can then use the drop-down menus to finalize the filter. For example, choosing Last Login -> After -> The Beginning of the Year will only show users whose last login dates were in this calendar year.

Alternatively, by selecting Invert this filter, you can flip the logic around. In the example above, the filter would then become users whose last login dates were before this calendar year.

You can keep layering filters on top of each other to narrow down the results to what you need, as shown below. When satisfied, just click Generate Report.

When you generate the report, you'll be able to view it within SkyPrep, download a copy, schedule it to be run and emailed out on a set schedule, and add it to your Favorite Reports.

To view your previously generated reports, just click on History.

In History, you'll be able to Preview the most recent version, Download the most recent version, as well as delete the record of it. Clicking on the Clock beside Report Name will take you to a new page where you'll be able to see previously run versions of that report.

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