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Tagging Courses
Tagging Courses

Using tags to categorize your courses and make it more easily searchable.

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In order to start tagging your courses and make them more easily searchable, first, you will need to determine what tags are acceptable. To do so, go to the gear icon on the top-right of your screen to get to the Branding and Customization page.

Ensure you are in the General Branding tab then you can scroll down to Approved Tags. Here you can add as many tags as you'd like by typing out the name of the tag and hitting Enter/Return on your keyboard. Only Approved Tags can be used to tag courses. Please note that spaces are not allowed and will automatically be replaced with a hyphen. Once you're done adding them, click Update Branding to save the newly approved tags.

Tagging Courses

Go to any course you would like to add tags to and navigate to the Course Settings tab. Click Manage Tags to see the list of Approved Tags.

Select the tag you want to use from the list and click the Add Tag + button. Tags currently being used for the course will appear underneath the list. Click X to remove any unwanted tags. Once happy with the selected tags, click Update Tags to apply the changes.

Searching Courses by Tags

Admins can search for courses by tags using the search bar in the main Courses page and the Course Catalog page. You can also filter courses by tags, in the main Courses page, by selecting which tags you want to filter by. Please note that if multiple tags are selected as a filter, only courses that match ALL of the selected tags will be displayed.

Learners will be able to filter the Course Catalog to show only courses with the selected tags.

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