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Login Page Customization
Login Page Customization
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Your platform's login page is customizable, with the ability to add custom buttons, backgrounds, messages, and more.

To begin the customization process, click on the Settings button then on Login Page.

You will be taken to the Login Page Customization screen, with the customization settings on the left and a live preview on the right.

The Logo section allows you to add a custom logo to your login page, and is also included in emails and course completion certificates.

Background lets you add an image behind the login form. If you opt to not use an image, you can choose a Color instead.

If Allow Learners to Self-Register is enabled, there will be a registration form available on the login page that people can use to create their own accounts. Please keep in mind that any new users created this way will count towards your Active Users limit if they sign in.

Social Login enables additional login options on the login form. Clicking on one of the buttons will take the user to a sign-in form for that particular service. If they successfully log into their account, they will be signed into the SkyPrep account that matches the email used on that service.

Custom Buttons let you add custom buttons to your login form that will take users to an external website. All websites will open in a new tab and will not take your Learners away from the login page.

Confirm/Accept Terms Prompt allows you to create custom terms and conditions that must be accepted each time a user attempts to sign in. If they do not accept the terms, the sign in will not be authenticated or allowed.

You can also add a custom Footer Message that is displayed as text on the bottom of the login form.

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