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Getting Started
Getting Started

New to SkyPrep? Start here! This article contains a video that will walk you through the entire process of setting up your training.

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Want to learn how to use SkyPrep in less than 30 minutes? You've come to the right place! This video will guide you through the basics of the platform with step-by-step instructions covering everything you'll need to get started.

If you want to skip to a certain section of the video, there are timestamps below — just click on the time to be taken to that section!

0:26 Customization

From the color themes and logos, to custom emails and certificates, there’s a lot you can do to make your SkyPrep platform look and feel like your own. This section covers everything you need to know to create a properly white labeled experience.

3:52 Learner UI Settings

Adjust the available widgets, viewing defaults, and more, allowing you to fully tailor the learner-side experience.

5:07 Security & Compliance

A small but important area of the platform, this section includes settings like inactivity timeouts that will keep both your platform and learner accounts secure.

6:11 Materials

Before you can put your training courses together, you’ll need to first upload your training content. This section covers everything from basic file uploads to content creation using the Content Builder tool.

8:01 Knowledge Checks

Get additional value out of your training content by using knowledge checks to test your learners while they are viewing training material.

10:43 Assessments

Anyone can say they read through a PDF or watched a video. That’s why you should use assessments to test your learners’ understanding of the course content. This section will walk you through the entire assessment creation process.

12:44 Checklists

This section covers Checklists — track tasks completed by your learners using Likert scales and yes/no questions. Optional subtasks let you drill down to ensure that the entire process was followed from start to finish.

13:37 Course Creation

The part you’ve been waiting for. This section covers how courses are put together using the content in your platform, as well as the settings you can apply to ensure your training is taken the way you intend it to be.

15:55 Learning Path Creation

More than one course that your learners need to take? No problem — this section covers how to organize your courses into structured curriculums.

16:22 Gamification

Learn how to leverage points and leaderboards to drive engagement and foster a friendly atmosphere of competition.

17:10 Skills Tracking

Use skills and competencies to track the areas your users are proficient in and run reports to see who is qualified.

18:16 Users & Groups

Your courses won’t be useful without anyone to take them. This section covers the process of adding users to the platform and organizing them into groups for easy management.

20:04 Reporting

With all of the content imported, courses created, and users working through the courses, all that’s left is to track the status of all of the training. This section covers the reporting features of platform and will help you track everything that’s happening in your platform.

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