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Enrollment Automation
Enrollment Automation
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Available on Professional 2022 plans

Enrollment filters can be set on any course, learning path, or group, automatically enrolling any user that meets the criteria you set.

To enable filters, you'll need to click on the Automatic Enrollment button.

Groups Members tab:

Courses & Learning Paths Learners tab:

Next, click on Add Rule to add an enrollment condition. If a user meets the conditions, they will be automatically enrolled. If they no longer meet the conditions, they will be unenrolled while maintaining their progress. This only applies to users who were originally enrolled via a rule.

Pick the filter type you want to use. These can range from a user's profile information such as their Company or Department, to the courses they are currently enrolled in or have passed.

You'll now need to set the filter itself. Use the dropdown to choose the rule type, such as Contains or Starts With. The options you are given will vary based on the filter type you chose. Once you're done, click Apply Filter.

If you want to add an additional filter, just click on the Add Filter button again and repeat the process. If you have multiple filters, you can choose between the Match Any and Match All options on the bottom.

When you're done, click Confirm to add the rule. You can keep adding additional sets of rules. Each set will be saved with OR separating them β€” if a user matches any of the rule sets, they will be enrolled.

Click Save once you're finished to enable the automation.

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