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Using Keyword Searching
Using Keyword Searching
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SkyPrep supports custom keyword entry to make searching for content easier. Supported for Courses, Learning Paths, Groups, and Material, good keyword usage will help keep training properly indexed and easy to find.

To begin setting up keywords, just go to the Settings area of the item you want to add keywords to.

Scroll down until you see the Keywords field. In that field, enter the keywords that you want to allow. When a user searches for a keyword, all content that uses it will be shown.

If you have more than one keyword you want to use, separate multiple using a comma. For example, Keyword 1, Keyword 2.

However, please do not use more than one space in a row. For example, Keyword_1 is fine but Keyword__1 will not work.

Once finished, update/save your settings.

When you or a Learner attempts to search using a search bar, the results will now also include the keywords.

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