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Reporting Wizard
Reporting Wizard
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SkyPrep's Reporting Wizard feature allows you to tailor reports to meet your needs whether you want spreadsheets or graphs. To access the feature, click on Reporting Wizard in the Reporting area.

You'll first need to select the Report Type, which determines the base type of report you want to run.

Depending on what type you select, the second step will allow you to choose which item you want to run the report on โ€” most will allow you to choose between All items, a Select subset of them, or a Single item.

Based on the selected first and second steps, the third step will allow you to choose which report you want to run.

After the report has generated, you can toggle between the spreadsheet view and the visual view using the buttons in the upper-left.

You can also Favorite the report by clicking on the heart, allowing you to quickly run the report again in the future. The Calendar button lets you schedule the reports to be emailed out on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Edit Columns allows you to add or remove columns from the report. To add new columns, click the Add Column button at the bottom of the panel.

You can also click the Add Filter button to tailor the data. A panel will open which lists any active filters and has buttons to allow you to delete and create new ones.

Only data that matches the filters will be chosen. For example, running a report on all users but adding a filter for Account Creation Date and setting it to After Beginning of This Year will show you only users whose accounts were created this calendar year.

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