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Course & Material Duplication Between Platforms
Course & Material Duplication Between Platforms
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If you have subplatforms, SkyPrep allows you to easily duplicate content from your parent platform to your subplatforms. Unlike sharing a course, duplicated content will be fully editable and will allow Admins to have the same amount of access and control as content uploaded directly.

For example, if a course is duplicated, not only is the course itself added to the subplatform, but the course's Materials and Assessments will also be added to their respective sections and can be reused and edited like any normal, non-shared content.

Content can only be duplicated from the parent platform to a subplatform โ€” content cannot be duplicated from subplatforms.

To share content, navigate to any course and scroll down in the Course Settings tab until you see the Duplicate Course between Platforms button.

Just use the checkboxes to select the Course, Material, Assessment, and/or Learning Path you want to duplicate.

On the next page, select the subplatforms that should receive the content and click on the Duplicate Content button.

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