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Knowledge Boosters let you send material and assessments to Learners after they have completed a course, allowing you to ensure that the important information they learned isn't forgotten over time.

To set up Knowledge Boosters, click on the Course that you want to add them to. Once in the Course, click on the Knowledge Boosters tab and then on the Add Knowledge Booster button.

Next, enter the number of days after passing that the Learners should receive the content and use the Link Existing Materials and/or the Link Existing Assessments to choose what content should be sent.

You can add additional days by clicking on Add Knowledge Booster again. To maximize knowledge retention, we recommend having Knowledge Boosters sent on days 1, 3, 6, 13, 20, and 27.

Learners who meet the criteria will be emailed the Knowledge Booster which they can access by clicking on a button.

Any assessments that are submitted via a Knowledge Booster can be reported on using the regular reporting options.

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