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Step One: Find your UKG Pro Customer API Key

Log in to your UKG Pro account and search for Service Account Administration in your search bar on the upper-right.

Copy the Customer API Key from under the header and note it down.

Step Two: Create your Service Account

1.) Navigate to the UKG Pro Service Account Administration page and click + add in the upper-right corner.

2.) Enter the username and email of your UKG Pro admin account. Remember the username as you will need it username later.

3.) Under Web Service, enable the permissions you want to allow.

Employee Person Details is required to authenticate your account with SkyPrep.

Company Configuration Integration, Personnel Integration, Employee Job History Details, and Employee Person Details are other relevant but optional permissions.

4.) Click Save. When the new password is displayed, ensure you securely store it as it cannot be displayed again after you close the prompt.

Step Three: Find the UKG Web Service Domain

1.) Search for web services in the search bar.

2.) Find any Web Services URL subdomain and copy it until you see ultipro.

For example then copy servicet. Note: this is not the login url subdomain.

SkyPrep Platform Setup for UKG Pro

You'll need to enable the integration and enter the API key you noted down, together with the user credentials and domain.

The Time between API calls should not be less than 0.25 unless you know your UKG Pro plan supports a higher rate.

You can also set the platform behavior for users that are marked as terminated in UKG Pro. If necessary, you can have their logins disabled, preventing them from accessing the platform and being counted as an active user while also retaining their records.

Auto Import New Users allows JIT creation in SkyPrep, with new UKG Pro users being added to the SkyPrep platform.

Enable Email Notifications on New User Creation will send the login credentials to newly created users as well as allow other emails, such as course completion notification emails to be sent.

โ€‹Remove users from groups they are no longer a part of in UKG Pro allows you to manage Group enrollment in real time. If a user is removed from a group in UKG, they are also removed from the respective SkyPrep group and are unenrolled from all courses assigned via that group.

โ€‹Deactivate users in the LMS that are no longer in UKG Pro is similar to Terminate Date Action, but instead activates upon their removal from UKG rather than their termination date being set.

For instructions on mapping your UKG Pro user properties to SkyPrep's properties, click here.

Finally, click on Users. This will begin loading in all of your users, which may take some time based on which API you chose. Once the list is populated, you can use the checkboxes to select all or individual users for import.

After finalizing the list, click on Import to begin adding the users to SkyPrep.

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