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Adding and Editing Users with FTP
Adding and Editing Users with FTP
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SkyPrep supports creating and editing users through CSV files uploaded to an FTP server. This is intended to help facilitate user management with systems that can export users data as a CSV file

In this example, we'll be using FileZilla as the FTP application, but any would work the same way.

To get started, you will want to create your CSV file if you haven't already. The CSV file needs to be comma delimited and use either the UTF-8 or ASCII formats. Users should be added in rows while their properties are added in columns. You can use any headers you want as long as the users' email, first name, and last name are included.

Below is an example of a very basic CSV sheet โ€” if you need to add additional properties such as their company or address, add them to new columns. However, when setting up your integration for the first time, save a copy of the CSV with just the headers and no user data.

In SkyPrep, click on the Settings button in the upper-right then click on Integrations.

After finding the FTP CSV User Import integration and clicking the Add To SkyPrep button, set the toggle to Enabled to turn the integration on.

Next, copy the Hostname, Username and Password.

Paste the credentials into the FTP application you're using.

After successfully connecting to your SkyPrep FTP server, locate and send the CSV file without user data over to SkyPrep.

Back in SkyPrep, navigate to the Data Mapping tab. If setup correctly, you will find that your headers have been added as choices for the Primary and Secondary values, which will be used in the event that the primary is blank.

Map the fields accordingly, ensuring that Email, First name and Last name have values associated with them and click Update Rules.

In the Import Rules tab, you have the option to set up custom rules to either skip or import users that match specific criteria.

For example, you could skip importing any users that have a termination date specified in their CSV file. Click Save Rules when you're done.

Finally, back in the Settings tab of the integration, you can set the key behavior of the integration.

By default, the most recently uploaded CSV will used for any user creations or updates. If you want to restrict this to only certain CSVs, you can use Filename to specify the filename that the CSV needs to have in order for the user changes to take effect.

Termination Date Action lets you disable the SkyPrep account of users who have a termination date saved, preventing them from being able to log in.

Enable Email Notifications on New User Creation send emails when users are created via the FTP integration.

Remove Users from Groups will unenroll users from groups that are not included in the CSV value that is mapped to the Groups SkyPrep property.

Deactivate Users will prevent users from logging in if they are no longer included in the CSV.

Reactivate Terminated Users will restore their SkyPrep access if their termination date value is no longer included in the CSV file.

The integration is now fully set up and you can now start uploading CSVs that contain user data!

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