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Learner Dashboard Widgets
Learner Dashboard Widgets
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You can customize and reorder the widgets on the Learner Dashboard by clicking on the Settings button in the upper-right corner of your platform and clicking on Learner UI Settings.

Scroll down to the Learner Dashboard Widgets section.

You can click and drag the six dots to the left of the widgets to reorder them β€” this is the order they will appear on the Learner dashboard.

Hovering over a widget will display the Trash icon that can be used to remove the widget from the dashboard. Some widgets will also have an additional Edit button that can be used to customize it.

Clicking the Add options below the module list will add the chosen widget to the dashboard.

The Widgets

Welcome Message

The Welcome Message is not an individual module, but it is customizable and will appear above all other modules.

Simply enter the text you want displayed and decide whether you want to show the date.

The example above would look like this on a Learner's dashboard:

Announcement Board

The Announcement Board shows information in tile format on the dashboard. The image and text are customizable, and you can also add a button that links to an online source.

Clicking on the widget's Edit Button will open the Announcement Card Settings window where you can create new announcements as well as reorder, edit, or delete existing ones.

Last Activity

The Last Activity widget shows the last course that the Learner was active in, along with a Continue Course button that will take them back to where they left off.

My Current Learning

My Current Learning shows all of the training that a Learner is enrolled in.

Learners can easily swap between their Courses and Learning Paths, as well as change the view to either Tile or List view in the upper-right.

On the Admin side, the Edit button allows you to set whether Courses or Learning Paths appear first, or if they're combined into a single page.

You can also opt to hide any overdue courses.

Learner Dashboard Image

Embed any image you want onto the Learner interface. The image will be left justified.

On the Admin side, the Edit button allows you to add, change, or remove the image.

Embed URL

You can use the Embed URL option to iframe online content onto your platform, such as a Google Calendar or in this case, our website. Please note that not all websites support iframing β€” if you attempt to embed one of these sites, you will see an error message on the Learner side.

The Edit button on the Admin side allows you to specify the URL and title, as well as how large the iframe is based on the height.

My Calendar

The Calendar shows any important dates, such as start dates, end dates, and instructor-led training sessions.

Learners can click on the Sync My Calendar button to add their SkyPrep calendar to their own external calendar such as Google Calendar or Outlook.

Quick Links

Quick links allow you to create links to either external pages or other widgets on the Learners' dashboards, or create a custom message.

Selecting the Hyperlink option will allow you to create a link to any page that uses https:// (http:// is not supported).

The Info Modal will allow you to create a custom message using a built-in text editor.

Anchor Link will display a prepopulated dropdown that contains all of the currently active widgets. Learners will be taken to the selected widget when the link is clicked.

Recently Passed Courses

This section shows any courses that were recently completed by the Learner.

The Edit button on the Admin side lets you set how many courses can be displayed at a time, as well as what is considered a "recent" completion.

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