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Integrating With UKG Ready
Integrating With UKG Ready
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In SkyPrep, click on the Settings button in the upper-right corner, followed by Integrations.

Find UKG Ready and click Add to SkyPrep.

Find your Company Short Name

Log into your UKG Ready account and open the menu in the upper left. Click on the settings icon and click on Global Setup followed by Company Setup.

Navigate to the Company Info tab.

Scroll down to Company Short Name under Company Address and copy your Company Short Name.

Paste the Company Short Name you copied into the Company Short Name field in SkyPrep's UKG Ready integration page.

Find your UKG Ready API Key

Back in UKG Ready's Company Setup page, go to Login Config.

Scroll down to API Keys and click Generate. Copy the API Key and store it in a secure place.

Note: if you have other integrations using this API key, please do not generate the key! Copy the existing one and put it in SkyPrep.

Paste your API Key into SkyPrep.

Setting up your API User Permissions

Back in your UKG Ready account, open up the left menu and navigate to My Team. Go to Employee Information and click HIRE.

Enter a username and password and press continue, completing all the fields as required.

In the left menu, go to Global Setup. Find Groups and click Edit.

Locate the All Company Employees Group and click the person icon.

In Edit Group Permissions: All Company Employees, click ADD MANAGER on the upper right hand side. Search for the API User Account and click Add.

Creating the Security Profile

In the left menu, go to Settings, Profiles/Policies, and then Security. Click NEW SECURITY PROFILE on the upper right side.

In this profile, we want to make sure all relevant permissions are enabled for the following endpoints:

  • In your HR Tab:

    • Employee, Base Compensation - select View from the drop down menu.

    • Benefit Management (Plans) - select View.

  • In your Modules tab:

    • Rest API Resources - select Employee Demographics, Employee Profiles, and Employees.

  • In your Global tab (if applicable):

    • In Global Setup, find Company EINs and Leave of Absence Custom Fields Definitions. Select View for both.

    • In Object Lists, find Company EINs, Leave of Absence Categories, and Pay Period Profile and select View for all.

  • In your Payroll tab (if applicable):

    • Find the Payroll section. Click Create/Edit Payroll and View/Edit/Add next to payroll adjustment.

Adding the Security Profile to the API User.

Go to My Team, Employee Information, and find the API User Profile you created.

In Security, search for the Security Profile and add it to the user and Save.

After creating the API User, log out. Sign back in with the username and password you set. UKG will then prompt you to create a new password. Create the new password and save it.

Add your API User to SkyPrep.

In SkyPrep, enter the Username and Password for the account you just created.

Configure the Settings

After entering the credentials needed to connect SkyPrep with UKG Ready, you need to configure the integration settings, all of which are found on the same page.

First, choose which API Version you want to use. V1 will pull all of your users' records during their import and can take some time to complete. V2 only pulls the first name, last name, and email, allowing for much quicker but less detailed population.

Convert Cost Center Info/Employee Types to Name will convert any internal IDs into their names when passed into SkyPrep. For example, employee types could show "Shift Manager" rather than "01141".

Include Pay Info will also include payroll information when users are synced.

Time between API calls sets how long the integration waits before sending another API call. We recommend 0.25 unless you know your plan supports more.

You can also set the platform behavior for users that are marked as terminated in UKG Ready and choose between disabling their login (prevents them from logging in while still maintaining their training records) or doing nothing.

Auto Import New Users will automatically add new UKG Ready users into SkyPrep after their creation.

Enable Email Notifications on New User Creation will send the login credentials to newly created users as well as allow other emails, such as course completion notification emails to be sent.

โ€‹Remove users from groups they are no longer a part of in UKG Ready allows you to manage enrolment in real time. If a user is removed from a Group, they are also unenrolled from all courses assigned via that group.

โ€‹Deactivate users in the LMS that are no longer in UKG Ready is similar to Terminate Date Action, but instead activates upon their removal from UKG Ready rather than their termination date being set.

Reactivate terminated users in the LMS that are no longer terminated in UKG Ready will reenable disabled accounts if the termination date is removed from their account. This will only reactivate users that were disabled

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