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Creating Checklists Using a CSV File
Creating Checklists Using a CSV File
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You can use a CSV file to quickly put a checklist together. To do so, just click on the arrow beside Create New Checklist and select the Upload from Excel (CSV) option.

Open the downloaded file. It includes placeholder information to show you the formatting which can be safely deleted โ€” just keep the headers.

The number column is used to specify your tasks and subtasks. Whole numbers are tasks while decimal places are subtasks. For example, entering a 1 and a 2 will create two tasks, while entering 1, 1.1, 2, and 2.1 will create two tasks, each with one subtask.

Task is used to enter the task text.

Task-format specifies the response type with options for a yes/no response with yes-no, a 1-5 scale with scale, and a point-based response using point-value. For point-value, use the value column to specify the maximum number of points that can be entered.

This is an example of what a completed CSV might look like.

This is the checklist that it creates.

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