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Custom Course Completion Attributes
Custom Course Completion Attributes
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You can track custom information for each user in the courses they take. For example, if you want to add a letter grade, instructor name, or even behavior notes to a user's course progress, you can use the Custom Course Progress Properties feature.

To begin, click on the Settings button in the upper-right and select the Custom Properties option.

Navigate to the Course Progress Properties and click the Add a New Label.

Give the property a name in the Label field, and set enter the internal ID using the Key field. The Label field determines what is displayed in the platform while the Key field determines the name in the backend, mainly used for CSV upload purposes which will be covered at the end.

Once added, you will see the property appear in the table. Keep adding as many as you need.

Once finished, navigate to a course and enter the Course Settings tab.

Scroll down until you see the Set Custom Course Progress Properties button and click it.

Enable the properties you want to track for this course and click Save.

In the Users tab, enable click on the Columns button.

Find your custom properties in the list and Enable them. You can also drag the six dots or click the arrows to reorder your columns.

To set the values, use the checkboxes beside the users and click on the Update Course Progresses button at the bottom. In the new window, use the dropdown menu to choose the property you want to update.

To make changes using a CSV file instead, click on the arrow beside Enroll Users and click Bulk CSV Update. Simply enter the information you want to track in the respective column for each user. The column headers use the Key property you set earlier.

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