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Custom Course Attributes
Custom Course Attributes

Similar to Custom User Properties, this feature will allow you to add Custom Properties to Course Progresses.

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SkyPrep allows you to track custom properties for courses, such as letter grades, class behavior, and more.

To begin, click on the Platform Settings icon then select Custom Properties.

Next, go to the Course Progress Properties tab and click Add a New Label.

An example of a Course Property that can be tied to a Course Progress include "Letter Grade/Instructor Name/Behavior In Class" β€” each custom property value you want to track will need to be added individually.

The Label is the term you will see in the platform, while the Key is what will be used for CSV uploads.

These Custom Properties can be enabled as a column in the table view of the learners tab of a course & can also be pulled in a Course Progress report.

To enable the Custom Properties, you need to go in the Course you would like the Custom Properties to be added to, then in the Course Settings tab, click on Set Custom Course Progress Properties.

Select the properties you would like to apply for the course and hit Save.

Next, in the Learners tab, select the users you would like the Custom Properties to apply for, then click Update Course Progresses.

From the Select Column dropdown, choose the Custom Properties you would like to apply for the selected Learners. If you do not see your custom property listed, just refresh your page β€” a refresh is required any time you update the enabled properties in a course.

Fill the information for each Custom Property, then hit Update Course Progresses.

In order to view the Custom Properties as a Column, select Column.

Next select the Custom Properties, then hit Confirm.

That's it! You will now see the Custom Properties applied as a column with the updated information.

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