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Schedule Future Enrollments
Schedule Future Enrollments

Schedule enrollments to happen on a specific date in the future for courses and learning paths

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To begin scheduling Future Enrollments for learners, under the Training drop-down, select a Course, click on the Learners tab, then select Enroll Users.

Next, select the learners you want to schedule future enrollments for, click the arrow next to the Enroll Users tab and select Schedule Future Enrollments.

Select the Date and Time to schedule the Future Enrollment, then hit Schedule Future Enrollment.

That's it! Your learners will now be enrolled on the scheduled date and an enrollment notification will be sent upon the future enrollment date.

In addition to scheduling future enrollments for a course, you can also schedule future enrollments for Learning Paths.

Simply select the Learning Path you would like to schedule future enrollments for and follow the same steps as mentioned above.

To schedule member enrollments into a group, refer to this article: Schedule Enrollments into a Group.

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