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Reporting on Studio Documents
Reporting on Studio Documents
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We are currently working to add Studio Document reporting to the standard reporting areas of your platform.

In the meantime, you can see the detailed results of your Learners by opening a document in your Studio area and then clicking on the Review Learner Attempts button in the upper-right.

If you have multiple versions published, select the version you want to view using the dropdown in the upper-left. On this page, you can see high level information about each user's attempt, but you can also click on the Status beside each user to get more detailed information.

On the status page, you can toggle their overall document completion by changing the Status dropdown. You can also click Switch to Grading Mode/Back to Viewing Mode to toggle between the grading mode for marking short answer questions, and the viewing mode for just seeing the results.

If there are a lot of short answer questions interspersed in your document, you can select the Questions that require manual grading option on the right.

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