To get started, navigate to Replace with your platform URL.

Copy the ADP Link Code from the settings page.


Next, navigate to and hit Login in the upper-right.

Once signed in, search for SkyPrep in the ADP Marketplace. It should appear as SkyPrep Learning Management System for ADP Workforce Now®.


Once you’ve clicked on the integration, you can begin the purchase process.

Ensure that Click here to Link to an existing SkyPrep account is checked and paste the copied code into the Your ADP Link Code field.


Click Check on the bottom, and if successful, you should see a green banner appear at the top, notifying you that the code was validated.

Continue with the purchase process, and once finished, you should be redirected to your My Apps page within ADP.

Click on the SkyPrep icon. If the icon isn’t visible, refresh your page.


The integration will now try to sign you into SkyPrep and you will likely see a couple confirmation pages. Accept the prompts and you will be taken into SkyPrep.


Click on Home in the left navigation menu, then on Integrations. Click on Configure beside ADP.


In the Settings tab, there are several more options available to you:

  1. You can have newly created users in ADP be automatically added to SkyPrep

  2. You can have accounts automatically created in SkyPrep when a user signs into ADP without having a SkyPrep account

  3. You can specify the log-in flow and choose either the default SkyPrep login, the default SkyPrep login with a Sign In With ADP button, or redirect users from the SkyPrep login page to the ADP login page.

  4. You can edit the data mapping rules and specify how different parameters in ADP should link with the parameters in SkyPrep.

Lastly, you should now see the ADP Users tab at the top. Here you can choose which users to import.

If you don't see any users or see this message, ensure that you have correctly set up your ADP Consent Manager.

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