To begin, click on Integrations, then on Add to SkyPrep in the BambooHR box.


Next, you'll want to log into your BambooHR account and click on API Keys under your User Profile button. On that page, click on Add New Key.


Name the new key, then click Generate Key.


On the next panel, click on COPY KEY, then on Done.


You should now see the name of your new key listed under My API Keys.


Go back to your SkyPrep platform, enter the URL for your BambooHR account in the BambooHR Subdomain field, enter the API Key you just copied, and decide whether you want your list to be automatically updated every day. Click Enable Integration when done.


Decide how you want to import your users' data by selecting what BambooHR information fields are imported into your SkyPrep Custom Labels. Click Update Rules when finished.


Click on the BambooHR Users tab.


Either select All users or select the individual users you want to import using the checkboxes, then click Import Selected Users. If you want to start the selection process again, click None.


Accept the prompt and your users will be added.


To modify your BambooHR integration settings in the future, just click on Integrations, then on Configure beside BambooHR.

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