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Course & Group Managers and Their Permissions
Course & Group Managers and Their Permissions

This article covers the process of assigning managers to Groups and Courses, as well as setting their permission levels in each.

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To begin using the Advanced Manager features, you will need to be on the Premium plan or higher, and have managers in your platform! You can click here to view how to add Users as Managers to your platform.

After you have assigned the Managers on your platform, you can proceed to choose which courses or groups you want them to manage.

Adding a Manager to a Course

This is as easy as navigating to your course and clicking on Managers in the tabs.


You will then need to set them to a course manager by clicking Assign as Manager. A button labelled Permissions will appear. By clicking this, you can choose what permissions the manager will have for this course.


Once you're satisfied, hit Save Changes.

Adding a Manager to a Group

You add group managers the same way you added the manager to the course. Just navigate to the group you want to add a manager to and click on Managers at the top.


Adding a manager and the setting up their permissions are done the same way as it is done for a course.


Using the Advanced Features as a Manager

When a manager logs in, they will need to switch to Manager view by selecting in on the left-side column.

Upon clicking this, they will see the selections below it change to My Dashboard, My Groups, My Courses and My ILTs. These pages are only available in the Manager interface.


Managing Courses

By clicking on My Courses, the manager will see this screen. From here, they can download a course report by clicking on the download button, or they can click on the course name to enter the course and access the more advanced functions.


After clicking on the course name, the manager will be able to view the users in the course, as well as download a user course report by clicking the download button under User Report, edit their course progress by clicking the button under Edit Progress, and unenroll users from the course by clicking the X button under Unenroll.


Editing the course progress is the same as it is as an admin. Individual modules can be marked as (in)complete and the overall course progress can be changed or cleared. Managers are also able to Override/Set Dates for the user's Access Date, Deadline Date, Completion Date and Expiration date for the course.


Managers can also enroll both new and existing users into the course. In the case of adding a new user, a new user will be created and added to the platform and the course simultaneously.

They just need to click on Add Users.


Managing Groups

By clicking on My Groups, the manager will see a similar view, except instead of courses, they will see a list of groups that they manage. Keep in mind that if assigning a manager to a group, they will also be given permissions for managing the subgroups as well.

This page allows a group manager to download reports for all of the group's users, all of the group's courses, as well as a detailed report on one specific course in a group. Clicking on the group name will allow the manager to access additional functionality.


From here, the manager can download reports about a user's courses, as well as update their course progress by using the dropdown area under Select Course to choose the course that they want to update the user's progress for.


Enrolling and Unenrolling users is done the same way as it is for courses. Users added into the group will automatically be enrolled into any courses that the group is assigned to.

From this view, Group Managers also have the ability to assign new courses to the group that they manage. By selecting the box for Courses & Learning Paths on the top righthand corner of the page, they will be brought to a new page that shows all the courses that are currently assigned to that group:


They can assign new courses to the group by selecting the dropdown arrow in order to choose from the list of courses available on the platform. After they have selected the courses that they want added to the group and clicked Assign, every Learner within that group will be enrolled into those courses.

The Group Manager also has the ability to remove courses from their group, by clicking on the X under Remove next to the course. Once a course has been removed from the group, the Learners included in that group who were previously enrolled into that course will no longer be enrolled.

Grading Assessments

Grading assessments as a Manager simply requires the Manager to click on Ungraded Assessments tab in the My Dashboard page. The Manager will just need to click on the name of the assessment from the list to open the marking page.


They will then be taken to an interface that is identical to the Admin assessment marking page.

Changing Passwords as a Manager

To change a user's password as a manager, first click on My Groups, then on the Group name that contains the member whose password needs to be changed.


Next, just click on the Edit Password button beside the user.


Sending Notifications to Managers

Emails that are set to sent to Admins will automatically be sent to Managers if the notification is related to a course or group that the Manager is set to receive notifications from.

For more information about setting up email notifications for your platform, you can take a look at this article.

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