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Changing Course Deadline and Reenrollment Dates
Changing Course Deadline and Reenrollment Dates

Course dates are not retroactive and don't normally affect users already enrolled. This article covers updating dates for existing users.

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Changes to deadlines are only applied to enrolments occurring after the changes were saved. To modify the deadlines of enrolled learners, navigate to Training, then Courses. Click on the course and then on the Learners tab. Find the learner that you want to modify deadlines for and click the link beside the learner's email under Course Progress category.

Once the new page is open, click on Override/Set Dates at the top. From here, you can modify the days when they can access the course, as well as the day that they have to finish the course by. Click Save Changes once done.

Validity Length:

By default, validity length changes (either adding a new one or changing an existing one) will only apply to users who complete the course after the new setting is saved. However, there are two ways to override this behavior and immediately apply the changes to users.

The first method is to use a CSV file. To view the help article about using the course progress CSV, click here. This is the method that we recommend you use as you are able to know exactly whose validity lengths you are modifying and prevents you from affecting users unintentionally.

The second method is to use the bulk update button.

To use this method, navigate to the course's Learners tab and click on the arrow next to Enroll Users.

Click on the Update Course Progress Expiration and Re-Enrollment Update and then on the update Button.

This will immediately recalculate all enrolled users' expiration dates based on the Validity Length and Early Reenrollment Window settings in the course's General Settings tab.

Note: If a user's expiration date was calculated to be before today (i.e. they are overdue for reenrollment), they will be immediately reenrolled. They will disappear from the Users & Groups list, but this is normal and is only temporary โ€” they will be visible within an hour of reenrollment.

Users' reenrollment dates will be set based on whichever method you used last. For example, if you uploaded a CSV and then used the update button, validity lengths will be set to the length specified in the General Settings. If you use the button and then upload the CSV, your users will have their validity lengths set to whatever you specified in the file.

You can combine these two methods by first using the update button to apply your changes to every user, then downloading the CSV with the updated dates, making the necessary changes, and uploading the file.

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