While we can’t force learners to sit in front of their computers for the duration of the video, we can help you enforce the minimum amount of time that a video needs to be shown before it is marked as complete. We have two ways of doing this.

Click on Teaching then on Courses. Click on a course. From there, go to the Course Content tab. Hover over the video and click on the blue Edit button (pencil and notepad icon) that appears to the right of the video.

Enter the amount of seconds that you want your learners to watch the video for in the Time Required to Spend on Item (in seconds):.

With this feature enabled, a learner will not be able to complete the video unless it has been watched for the specified amount of time. To mark a video as optional, you can enter 0 seconds.

You can also enable Disable Playback Controls which removes the scrubbing bar (a user will only be able to play/pause the video) for the first viewing. After a video has been marked as completed, the playback controls will be usable by the learner.

Once you're done, click Update on the bottom.

If a user does not watch the video for at least the specified amount of time, the video will not be marked as completed, preventing progress if Enforce Module Sequence is enabled.

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