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Updating Material
Updating Material

This article explains how to update old content without affecting users who have already completed the previous version.

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Unless you used the Content Creator tool, you cannot edit any material that you uploaded, aside from parameters that are specifically for SkyPrep. You can edit these by clicking on the item in question, then navigating to Edit Details. From here, you can change the document name, specify whether or not learners can download the file, change the material's location, and by clicking on Advanced Options, you have the ability to change the description, minimum viewing time, as well as the viewer that is used to open the file.

However, if you used our in-app Visual Content Creator tool, you can modify the material and its content directly and simply save the changes.

Replacing Material with Newer Versions

If you want replace material with updated items, you can do so seamlessly from within the Materials section. This will keep all progresses intact โ€“ users that have previously completed the old version will have their completion count towards the new version.

To begin, click on Training Elements then on Materials. From there, click on the item

that you want to update, navigate to the Edit Details tab, then click Select File.

You will then be prompted to upload a new file.

Once done, click Update.

The old file will be replaced with the new one. This change will occur wherever the old file was found, including courses and assessments. The new file will still retain the previous file's name.

NOTE: If you are replacing a video, there will be a short delay between the change and when the new video is usable. The conversion time that all uploaded videos are subjected to still applies when switching out material for a video.

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