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Enrolling Learners
Enrolling Learners

This article covers the various methods of course enrollment that are available to you, including via the course's Users tab and the API.

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There are several methods of adding learners to a course: through the Users page, the course page, the learner's profile page, the API, self-enrollment, and bulk enrollment.

Click on Users and Groups, then on Users. Find the user that you want to enroll and click on the User Enrollment button beside their name. You will be able to choose courses using the Courses drop-down menu. Click Save when you're finished.

Via a Course

Click on the Training Tab and then choose Courses. Choose the Course that you want to add users to. Click on the Learners tab, then click on Enroll Users.

Click on the user(s) that you want to add, then hit the Enroll Users button at the bottom of the window.

Via a User's Profile

After clicking on a user in the Users page, you will need to click the Courses tab and then on the Assign to Courses tab.

From there, you can check the boxes of the Course(s) you would like to add the user to.

Via the API

This method requires some technical knowledge as it is done through the API (available to Premium and Enterprise clients only). The documentation for adding a learner through the API can be found here.


Please refer to this article to learn how to enable self-enrolling.


Please refer to this article to learn how to enroll users in bulk.

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