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Salesforce Integration
Salesforce Integration

SkyPrep is directly integrated with Salesforce, allowing you to automate the process of importing users from Salesforce into your LMS.

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To begin the setup process, click on the Settings button in the upper-right corner of your platform and navigate to the Integrations area.

Scroll down until you find Salesforce and click on the Add to SkyPrep button.

Click on the Connect Your Salesforce Account button and sign in when prompted.

In the Settings tab, you can control the basic functions of the integration.

Enabled: Turns the integration on and off.

Termination Date Action: If a termination date is detected for a user, you can opt to disable their login. This will prevent them from being able to log in while also retaining all of their records.

Enable Email Notifications on New User Creation: Turns on email notifications for users that are created via the integration.

Remove users from groups they are no longer a part of in Salesforce: If a user is removed from a group in Salesforce, they will be automatically removed from the same group in the LMS.

Deactivate users in the LMS that are no longer in Salesforce: Similar to Termination Date Action, but takes effect if the user is removed from Salesforce.

The Users tab lets you preview the users that the integration recognizes. To ensure that the proper data is being pulled in, you can click on Actions beside their name and select the Payload option.

The Data Mapping tab is where you set which user parameters in Salesforce correspond to the parameters in SkyPrep.

To finish the setup, you'll need to tell the platform which parameters are which. This is done using the Primary and Secondary Salesforce Values. If the Primary value is blank in Salesforce, the Secondary value will be used instead.

Finally, in the Import Rules give you more control over who is imported and who is skipped.

In the example above, anyone whose company name contains "SkyPrep" would be skipped in the import. If you want to add additional conditions, you can click on the Add Another Condition button.

This process is run once every day, and your users will be imported/updated accordingly.

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