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Customizing Dashboard Themes
Customizing Dashboard Themes
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Themes are used to customize the visual style of your Dashboards.

Click on the Edit button to open the dashboard customization menu.

Next, click on the Edit Themes button.

Next, click the Create a Theme button or on hover over a pre-existing custom theme and click the Edit button.

In the panel, you'll need to first name the theme.

If you want to use an existing theme as a starting point, you can use the highlighted dropdown.

The sections on the left determine what part of the theme you're editing.

Shared elements will always be visible, such as the platform background and font style.

SkyPrep elements affect the general dashboard and course views, such as button colors.

Studio elements are visible only in documents created using the Studio feature.

Colors can be changed by clicking on the color preview button then using the color palette. You can toggle between RGB (Red, Green, Blue), HSL (Hue, Saturation, Luminance), and HEX (hexcodes) by clicking on the highlighted portion in the color picker.

Once you're done, click on Create Theme to save your changes.

Once saved, the theme will be available for use in all of your Dashboards.

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