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AI Scenario Block for Studio
AI Scenario Block for Studio

Create scenario-based training or role-play training where learners can respond to a given scenario using an AI bot.

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SkyPrep supports AI functionality within the Studio document builder.

The AI Scenario block allows you to create interactive, dialogue-based scenarios for Learners to work through.

To begin creating a scenario for the AI Chat Bot, create a Scenario block.

Enter a Title and create a Scenario Description, Role of the AI Chat Bot and an Initial Prompt from the AI Chat Bot.

For each of the prompts, we recommend being as detailed as possible.

When you are happy with your scenario, hit Save.

To test the chat's functionality, you will need to be in Preview Mode and view the chat as a Learner.

Once in Preview Mode, you can test out different answers and see how the AI Bot responds.

You can update and edit the scenario under the Edit Scenarios tab at anytime until you are happy with the results!

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