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User-Specific Notifications
User-Specific Notifications
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Users on our newest Professional and Enterprise plans can customize email notifications on a per-user basis for every Admin and Power User.

To begin, you'll first need to decide which email notifications should be available to choose from in the email notification area of your platform by enabling the Admin checkbox. This checkbox will affect Admins and Power Users differently:

Admins: Admins will have none of the chosen emails enabled by default

Power Users: Power Users will have all of the chosen emails enabled by default

To change the settings, you can navigate to any Admin or Power User's profile. From there, click on the button beside the user's name and select Manage Notifications.

Make sure the Enable Email Notifications option is turned on.

You'll then be able to specify which of the enabled emails the user should receive. This list will only display the Admin notifications that were enabled in the Email Templates area.

After deciding which email types the user should receive, you can also specify the exact Courses and Groups. Only emails related to the ones chosen will be delivered to the user.

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