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Add User Input Content in Studio
Add User Input Content in Studio

Under the User Input category in Studio, add Question, Branch Form, Scenario, Feedback and Confirmation.

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Question: Allows you to add different questions types to test your Learners while they’re working through the document and its content.

There are seven question formats that are currently supported:

  • Multiple Choice: Type a question and enter the possible answer choices. Users can be required to select one or multiple options based on which multiple choice type you choose.

  • True or False: Type a statement and set whether it is true or false.

  • Order: Type a list of items in order from the top down. Learners will need to reorder a scrambled version of the list.

  • Mix & Match: Type two lists of items, with each row a matching pair. Learners will need to identify which pairs match in scrambled, side-by-side lists.

  • Fill in the Blank: Type the full, correct phrase in the text and field and select the word that should be hidden. You can enter additional words that will either be shown or accepted, based on whether Word Bank or User Entry styles are chosen.

  • Short Answer: Enter the question text and choose how a Learner can respond. You can choose between a video response, text response, and an audio response, with the option to require a response.

The Contextual Panel allows you to edit a question or change its type.

To assign points to assessment questions, click Document Settings and under the Question Details section, you can set the individual question point values as well as the required number of points needed to complete the document.

Branch Forms: Branching Forms allow you to create a form or assessment that provides users with different options based on the previous answer or response they submitted. Click here to view the help article on using Branching Forms in your platform.

Scenario: Create scenario-based training or role-play training where learners can respond to a given scenario using an AI bot. To learn more, please refer to this article.

Feedback: This content block allows you to collect feedback from your Learners through various formats.

  • Short Text: Allows Learners to submit typed feedback.

  • Multiple Choice: Allows Learners to pick feedback from the provided options.

  • Rating: Learners can submit a rating on a customizable scale that ranges from 1 to 10. You can also change the icon that is being used for the ratings.

  • Opinion Scale: Allows users to submit a rating on a scale that can be numerical or based on emotional response, such as Strongly Agree vs Strongly Disagree.

The Contextual Panel contains settings to change the feedback format, and for some formats, also contains settings to customize the existing panel, such as changing the Rating icons.

Confirmation: Allows you to request confirmation or an attestation from your Learners.

You can choose from several different formats:

  • Signature: Requires the Learner's signature, signed with their mouse or finger.

  • Date: Saves the date and time that a Learner clicks on the Date button.

  • Checkbox: Requires the Learner to tick a checkbox.

You can also combine any of the two, and the Contextual Panel will allow you to change the confirmation type.

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