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2021 SkyPrep Interface
2021 SkyPrep Interface

The 2021 SkyPrep Admin Interface is here, and with it come many changes. This article covers the main differences so you can jump right in.

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The first thing to notice is the new navigation menu location. The menu is now located at the top rather than on the left.

In addition to the location change, the names and headings have also been updated. The following section briefly covers all of the sections and highlights any key differences in each of them.


The Dashboard is for your Overview, Gamification, and Customization. This area gives you access to platform-wide analytics and settings.


This section is where you're taken when you first log in and it replaces the Dashboard in the previous interface.

All of the same information is displayed, including upcoming deadlines and platform notifications, but in a much more modern layout.

The new Quick Links area lets you access course, Learning Path, and assessment creation, as well as material uploading directly from the home screen. Below that, you have Quick Reports that act as shortcuts for commonly generated reports.


This area is used to access your platform's Gamification settings. The feature is explained in this article, although it is shown using the previous interface.

The feature was also updated to include an addition setting that will limit learner leaderboard visibility to only others in their Groups.


Just like the previous Customization interface, this area is used for configuring your platform-wide settings such as email notifications and custom labels.

Currently, the new interface's logo and navigation bar color cannot be changed from the Customization under Dashboard. To modify these, you will need to click on cog icon in the upper-right and select Branding and Customization.


The 2021 interface breaks the old Teaching menu into two distinct parts, Training and Training Elements.

This section contains all of your high-level training content where your full courses and Learning Paths are found, as well as your platform-wide Performance Tracking suite.


Fashioned out of your uploaded content and created assessments, all of your Courses are created and modified in this area. The main change in this area is the addition of easy filtering on the right.

Learning Paths

Learning Paths are also found in the Training area. Built out of multiple courses linked together, Learning Paths let you easily create structured training curriculums.

Just like with Courses, the new filtering found on the right.

Performance Tracking

This module lets you designate which Courses, Checklists, Materials, and Assessments will grant your learners Skill Points upon completion. After acquiring a set number of points in a particular skill, learners can be marked as being competent in it.

For more information about Performance Tracking, you can click here.

Course Catalog

The Course Catalog is also nested in the Training area. It received a visual update to bring it in line with the rest of the platform but remains unchanged otherwise.

This article covers the Course Catalog feature in the previous interface.

Training Elements

While Training contained full courses and curriculums that learners can be enrolled into, Training Elements is where your individual course components, namely Materials, Assessments, Checklists, and Instructor-Led Training is kept.


This section is where your course items are uploaded into the platform or imported from another service. The 2021 interface includes an improved file uploader that supports quicker uploads and more simultaneous files.

The Materials area is covered in this article.


While still fulfilling its old role as the test maker, The Assessments area has been updated to allow greater control over randomly-generated assessments. Fully explained in this article, you can learn about the new update in the Random Question Bank section.


Used for tracking in-person tasks and standardized workflows, Checklists now have an added ability to be self-completed by the learners using the setting in the General Settings area.

The feature is covered in this article.

Instructor Led Training

Remaining mostly unchanged outside of the visuals, this area is where you can see the attendance and registration statuses of your sessions and launch your webinars.

Users and Groups

This section is where all of your user management is done. This section is mostly unchanged from the previous interface, including the names.


Used for managing individual users, this area contains quick access links to user profiles and enrolment. Buttons at the top let you use the bulk actions, allowing mass changes across multiple users simultaneously.


Management of your user cohorts is done through the Groups area. This article explains the process of creating them.


This area contains both the Reporting and Advanced Reporting modules. Both of these features have been updated to match the look of the new interface but remain functionally unchanged.

Other Settings

These settings are found by clicking on the cog icon in the upper-right.

Branding and Customization

This area contains the settings to change the navigation bar color and the logo. They cannot be changed in the Dashboard's Customization area for the time being.

User Properties

The updated Custom Labels tool features expanded functionality that lets you quickly create user fields with different input types.

This article explains the feature in more detail.

Security and Compliance

Email two-factor authentication has been added. If the option is enabled, learners will be emailed a code that they need to enter before the sign in request is approved.


This page remains functionally unchanged from the previous interface. For a full list of supported integrations, click here.

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